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Sleeping and CBD oil – can natural medicines help cure your insomnia?

Can CBD or other naturally occurring medicines help to get you to sleep at night as well as manufactured pharmaceuticals?

Can curing insomnia change your life? 

If you suffer with insomnia, you’ll know it can take over your whole life. And while most of us think of tossing and turning or thoughts that can’t be shut off – insomnia can affect every aspect of daily life. From weight gain to weight loss, hair loss to under-performing at work, adult acne to stress, anxiety and depression – insomnia can cause a whole host of other problems, detrimental to both your mental and physical health.

Taking control of insomnia, therefore, can be beneficial to all aspects and areas of your life, not just what happens when you go to bed at night. A quick visit to your doctor can lead to a prescription for strong pills that “knock you out” when you’re ready to hit the pillow – but for people who need to still be “alert” at night, perhaps with young families, or who have to drive early in the morning (sleeping pills can affect the ability to drive) or who, simply, prefer natural remedies – running to the doctor is often not on our list of priorities.

But if you’re looking for an effective sleep-inducing remedy and not willing to try prescription medicines – don’t worry! There are *proven* natural medicines that can help lure you into a natural sleep that you won’t wake up feeling hungover from. But with so many “housewife remedies” online – how do you know what really works, especially when you’ve tried everything?

CBD oil is a relatively new medicine available in a number of countries to relieve the symptoms of several different conditions – including cancer, epilepsy and chronic pain, but what can it do for insomnia? 

CBD for insomnia – before I invest, does it really work and is it legal? 

A number of natural remedies (lavender, magnesium, massage and yoga, for example) claim to ease  insomnia sufferers but there is little research and few studies into the correlation between the remedy and insomnia. CBD, however, has been subject to a number of different medical, scientific and independent studies that suggest the consumption of CBD reduces or relieves insomnia.

In 2018 (as published in this Harvard study) the FDA approved “Epidiolex” (a medicine derived from CBD) for the first time – and the drug is primarily used with patients who suffer with anxiety and insomnia, which often go hand-in-hand. But does the science back it up?

There have been a number of studies, including; 

The most recent of the three (Zelira) was completed earlier in 2020 in Australia and was the first trial to focus solely on insomnia, rather than insomnia with other conditions – and found a positive correlation between CBD and chronic insomnia. So yes, while further research needs to be done – as with all medicines, CBD is proven to have a positive effect on sleeping patterns and in theory, therefore on your overall mental and physical health.

If I take CBD will I be high? Can I still work and drive?

CBD is often dismissed by many people due to the connotations with the *often*  illegal (now legal or “decriminalised” in multiple countries including Spain, the Netherlands, many US States and Canada). THC element of marijuana, but the two compounds are completely different and work differently when consumed.

THC is the compound that produces the traditional “high” or “buzz” that is usually associated with marijuana and while derived from the same plant, CBD is entirely separate and doesn’t have a psychoactive element – meaning you’ll not end up feeling “spaced out” or “stoned” – (but for those of you looking to enjoy both the recreation and medicinal properties of both CBD and THC – the combination is safe and always recommended by us for ultimate relaxation).

While it is possible to split the THC and CBD elements of the plant, often CBD still has very low traces of THC (less than 0.1%) however – such a small trace will not affect your cognitive ability, produce any sort of high and more importantly won’t show up on any sort of drug test – so yes, you can drive and your performance at work or school will  not be altered after the consumption of CBD. 

What are you waiting for if you’ve already tried everything

If you want to know more about the best CBD products, cannabis, or CBD for anxiety or insomnia, pop in and visit us in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, contact us on social media or visit us at our website to see how we can help! 

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