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Urban Cream Collective


BODHI SATIVA lifestyle means having the best of everything.

Our high end Cannabis Collective URBAN CREAM welcomes you to a luxurious, industrial chic interior of privacy and tranquility.

We have explicitly designed an interior to denote expensive, ostentation and comfort. This is the best environment to experience MELT, Bodhi Sativa’s exclusive CBD oils line.

The island of Tenerife is experiencing a high demand for CBD oil products which is why we work the hardest to provide not only the best products from the purest plants, but also assistance from a health and nutrition certified representative.

Our remarkable products are made from full spectrum organically-grown CBD and they are perfect for sleep aid, stress relief, pain relief and much more.

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CBD oils

CBD oils are a legal and natural aid used for: pain relief, sleeping aid, anxiety and depression, chronic inflammation, as well as many other disorders and ailments. 

Sold in convenient, small glass bottles with a pipette top – perfect for administering a precise number of drops. Oils can be stored at room temperature at home, in the office or in your handbag. They are small enough to be taken through airport security in your hand luggage too!

CBD capsules

Enjoy all the same benefits of bottled full spectrum CBD oil, but in convenient ready-to-go capsules in a range of doses.

CBD capsules are easy to store, transport and are a discreet way to consume CBD if you’re not comfortable using the pipette and oils in public or at work. The capsules also provide a much more accurate dosage for those of you who aren’t confident using drops. 

Topical creams

CBD doesn’t have to be ingested to work it’s wonders. CBD oil – especially when combined with other natural, topical products such as naturally occurring oils, butters and essential oils – can help alleviate a range of problems when applied to the skin.

We stock a range of topical creams and ointments to help relieve the symptoms of: inflammation, irritated skin, muscle tension, joint pain, psoriasis, acne, nerve pain, as well as many other disorders and ailments.