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Kris 6 years ago
Came here to get off, ended up learning some real shit.
Herpes dick 6 years ago
Please tell me I'm not the only one that noticed the herpes on this man's duck
MrFuckYouMan 6 years ago
Yea that dick is diseased
... 7 years ago
I came...
arsitide 8 years ago
yes i fan and you by mastubating
sick_people 8 years ago
wtf are you watching guys? Go to church. It will help you
Damn 9 years ago
what if he would knock over the camera and the camera would get lost somewhere inside her body... Or what if he would hit the camera and it would just explode inside her pussy and electrocute her or sum shit... 1000 Ways To Die lmaoo
Fu people 9 years ago
3 things 2 say
1. I would HATE 2 b tht cock because tht pussy is GROSS!!!!
2. How do u get the carmeras in her ass?
3. U should have warn a CONDOM!!!!
Thx thts it
naren 7 years ago
trust me 7 years ago
oh c'mon guys didn't you see the small camera holder stick at the upper part of the vagina ?that's how it goes,.,got it ,???