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What makes Tenerife perfect to enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

Tenerife: An Island with endless sunshine, an abundance of natural, organic food and a frontrunner in the CBD/THC movement. Tenerife is one of the healthiest places – for your mind and body – to live in Europe.

Los Cristianos and its history as a healthy holiday destination

Since the 1950’s Tenerife has had a reputation for rehabilitation and positive health benefits. Now with the decriminalisation of THC and the popularity of CBD, the health benefits of life on the island continue to grow. In 1956 a famous Swedish writer and radio personality visited the south of Tenerife. Suffering with multiple sclerosis – which often worsens in the colder months – he visited the isle of Eternal Spring to investigate. He found the warmer climate had a positive effect on his health.

Upon his return to Sweden, his position as a radio host helped him spread the word about the positive health benefits of the Island – and kick started tourism in the Canaries. The main street in Los Cristianos – Avenida Suecia (Swedish Avenue) – was named after the influx of Swedish tourists in the winter months.

A healthy lifestyle: finding the balance between mind and body

In the past physical health has always been prioritised over our mental health. Recent studies, however, have found that both our mental and physical health are as important as the other. The key to being “truly healthy” could be as simple as finding a balance between the two.

Across the globe people are being encouraged to stop fad diets and extreme exercise to be “healthy” and instead embrace a healthy life balance. Enjoy the things that make you smile, a simpler outlook on life and do what your body and mind tell you – not just the experts.

CBD oils are helpful in helping you to improve both your physical and mental health – without pharmaceuticals. When combined with a more relaxed and mindful lifestyle – such as that in Tenerife – can help you find and maintain a healthy and balanced life.

CBD and sunshine – can they really help?

Sunshine and marijuana – despite what you might have heard – isn’t the key to happiness. (But they are both proven to assist positive mental and physical health.) An Australian study found that levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) were increased in people after a sunny day*. *(when compared to levels after a cloudy day).

Another number of other studies have found CBD (the non-psychoactive element of marijuana) has positive effects on mental health, anxiety and insomnia. There are also a number of on-going studies that suggest CBD and THC can help to relieve the symptoms of depression too. With Tenerife basked in sunshine all year round and an abundance CDB and THC specialised clubs and organisations – there’s no better place to find out.

But what makes Tenerife so great for a balanced and healthy lifestyle?

What makes Tenerife particularly special for those looking for balance? With good weather all year round Tenerife is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors.

Like sunshine, exercise is also proven to increase levels of serotonin, and with beaches, mountains and forests to enjoy – you’re spoiled for choice. As an island, outside of tourism, the biggest industry on the island is agriculture – and the majority of it is organic. With fresh fruit and vegetables in abundance – and fresh, omega 3 filled fish available everywhere – it’s an easy place to eat well and improve your diet, without restricting it.

With the siesta the norm across the islands, the Canaries offer a very relaxed way of life (and let’s be honest, who couldn’t get used to afternoon naps in the sun?). Also time itself is a lot more relaxed in Tenerife – running late? Stuck in traffic? Need to reschedule for “mañana, mañana”? Relax – it’s not a big deal and your anxiety levels will start to reflect that. Over the last few years yoga and wellness retreats, beachfront boot camps and spas have become increasingly popular on the island – turning the island into a year round relaxation hub for Europe.

If you want to know more about how CBD, THC or cannabis in general can help with building a healthy life balance, stop by our store in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, contact us on social media or visit our website to see how we can help – we don’t bite and we love meeting new people!

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